Q Case Study

Q is someone who has contributed greatly to the community, he came on the scene with 40+ credit cards and $700k+ in credit funding just under personal and sole proprietor credit. We have outlined quite a bit of his journey and data he has decided to share.

Fresh Q4 2023 datapoints from Q & Family:

Fresh Credit Breakdown (all done over 4 weeks)
In total 19 credit cards which 15 credit card with welcoming bonuses including 2 employee cards

  • Wells Fargo
    • Bilt Cards
      • Mother- $4k Bilt
      • Brother -$10k Bilt
      • Dad- $3k Bilt
    • Choice Privileges (1k to get 60k points for 3 cards and one 3k to get 90k points)
      • Brother- $3,000 Choice Select Mastercard
      • Q- $2,500 Choice Privileges Select Mastercard
      • Mom- $4,500 Choice Privileges Select Mastercard
      • Dad- $4,500 Choice Privileges Select Mastercard
    • Autograph (spend $1500 get 30k points plus cash back)
      • Brother-$10k
      • Q-$4k
      • Dad- $7.5k
      • Mom- $2.5k
  • Citi ($500 get $250 plus cash back SUB)
    • Q- $7k AT&T Points Plus Mastercard
    • Dad- $2,200 AT&T Points Plus Mastercard
    • Mom- $2,200 AT&T Points Plus Mastercard
    • Brother- $4,300 AT&T Points Plus Mastercard
  • Embark Amex Brother- $5500 (Spending $1500 to get $200)
  • Dad US Bank Connect- $500 (2k get $500 plus cash back in 4 months)
  • CLI on X1 card from $7.5k to $12.5k
  • 2 GM Marcus Employee Cards (add up to two employees and spending $200 in each card to receive $125 statement credit for each card)
  • Home Advisor Synchrony Credit Card- $11k

*Total: $88,200 (not including CLI)

Q was 820s on FICO
Brother & parents over 770s on FICO (parents had low amount of credit, brother has good personal and business history)

Here is an unreleased podcast episode I recorded with him at the end of 2022. This is the most recent interview.

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